Resources for Home Learning

  • This website contains tons of games, learning tools, and activities that have been designed for Ontario K-12 Educators. You can access this fantastic resource via this link:

  • TI Education: providing a 6 month free license for all TI software for students and teachers, free iOS TI-Nspire download through April 2020, and a Beta Chrome solution for TI-84Plus CE. You can access these resources via this link.

  • Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC): in addition to their existing resources, they have just launched "CEMC at Home". This webpage will be updated daily with a new activity that allows students to engage in some fun math and computer science activities while at home. The website has been split into different age groups (Grades 4/5/6, Grade 7/8, Grade 9/10, and Grade 11/12) with a new activity posted for each group every weekday. You can access these activities via this link.

  • OAME Grade Specific Resources: many resources from K-12 that include activities (many from the TIPS4RM lessons) as well as financial literacy resources.

  • Math4theNines: resources specifically designed for Grade 9. Great tasks for your students and research for you to dive into.

  • Ministry of Education learning supports: resources released by the Ministry can be found at the following links

  • TVO supports: resources available for grades K-6 through mPower and grades 6-10 through Mathify

  • NCTM resources: NCTM has many free resources available to teachers to support them through online learning. There are webinars, problems, and interactives available.

  • ChatterPack: a list of free, online, boredom-busting resources